DuraFlex Flexible Moulding

The right fit every time, no steaming, no stacking, no kerfing.

How to add trim to an arched opening or curved wall?

DuraFlex Flexible Mouldings
DuraFlex Flexible Mouldings

Thru our longstanding partnership with ResinArt, match many of our wood trim profiles in DuraFlex with all of the unique DuraFlex Flexible Moulding benefits:

  • Flexibility and superior longevity
  • Finished DuraFlex is insect proof, moisture proof, and can withstand extreme heat and cold without warping, cracking or deteriorating
  • DuraFlex is an easy and economic alternative for half round windows, arches, ellipticals, ovals, curved walls, dormers and many other radius applications
  • DuraFlex can be used on the interior or exterior and can withstand any harsh environmental conditions

Expensive and complicated installations may have prevented you from trimming your arches, radius windows and curved walls… until now.

DuraFlex Flexible Base Moulding
DuraFlex Flexible Base Moulding

Perfectly match your straight base, bolection, casing, chair rail, cornice, cove, crown and panel moulding profiles with ease around all your curved walls and openings. Custom matched profiles also available!

How it ships
Your DuraFlex Flexible Moulding is spooled, boxed and shipped direct to your location and ready for installation.

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